I have just got back from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Councils ‘Climate Action Now Summit’ where we learnt about the climate action they are taking. Stockport and Manchester councils have been independently accessed by ‘Climate Action UK’ and their scorecards have been published. A summary of these scorecards are given below with links to the details. There are also links below to a Climate Report Card from Friends of the Earth on Greater Manchester and their 5 year plan. Friends of the Earth and UK Divest have also revealed how much money Councils fund fossil fuels through their pension funds. Details to be found below.

On Tuesday 18 October, Climate Emergency UK published their Council Climate Action Scorecards https://councilclimatescorecards.uk/. This is the first ever assessment of climate action across all UK councils and all council functions. Manchester City Council scored 50% – only 41 councils in the UK scored 50% or more for their climate action, the average score being 32%. That score of 50% for Manchester breaks down as follows:

  • Building & Heating 75%
  • Transport 26%
  • Planning & Land Use 67%
  • Governance & Finance 30%
  • Biodiversity 23%
  • Collaboration & Engagement 88%
  • Waste Reduction & Food 53%

These scores are based on the answers to 91 questions, the answers coming from a mix of available national data, Freedom of Information Requests, volunteer research etc. To check out the detailed score cards go to https://councilclimatescorecards.uk/.

The Council Climate Action Scorecard for Stockport is on this link.  Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council Climate Plan Scorecards.

SMBC got an average score of 35%. That score for Stockport breaks down as follows:

  • Building & Heating 49%
  • Transport 23%
  • Planning & Land Use 19%
  • Governance & Finance 29%
  • Biodiversity 8%
  • Collaboration & Engagement 77%
  • Waste Reduction & Food 36%

Greater Manchester’s carbon-neutral by 2038 target – are we on track?

Ahead of the 2023 Green Summit on Monday 2nd October, Manchester Friends of the Earth produced their ‘Climate Report Card‘ (PDF).

This is their analysis of Greater Manchester’s progress with its Five Year Environment Plan (5YEP) (2019-2024) towards the ambition for Greater Manchester becoming ‘carbon neutral’ by 2038, and how they can avoid blowing our carbon budget for Greater Manchester.

Friends of the Earth has helped UK Divest and uncovered new data that reveals local authorities are investing a whopping £1.3 billion in fossil fuels through their pension funds. This is £6 billion more than the last study found in 2021.

To find out details of where the GREATER MANCHESTER PENSION FUND invests £1.3 Billion on fossil fuels click on the link.

On Friday 1st December, the GM pension fund management panel is meeting at GMPF office at Guardsman Tony Downes House in Droylsden. Fossil Free GM will be there to ask them why they still haven’t got a divestment plan if you want to join them.

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Check out this 12 minute video Can the world go waste-free? 🤔 to see the ideas of the three ‘Earth Shot Prize Build a Waste Free World’ finalists 2023.

  • 👕 Circ: A groundbreaking solution to enable the recycling of polycotton fabrics, potentially reducing textile waste by half
  • ☀️ S4S Technologies: Using solar-powered machines to extend the life of crops that would otherwise go to waste
  • 🌈 Colorifix: A new way to sustainably dye fabrics using nature’s own colours, reducing the fashion industry’s use of harmful chemicals


This weeks ‘Just have a Think’ 16 min video is The money men know THE TRUTH about planetary boundaries! If you want to know the truth, have a watch.