An opportunity to face the challenges that climate change will bring, and plan together as a community


On this page you will find introductions to many interesting articles written by our members and other people. At the end of the summary you will find a link which will take you to a version of the full article which you can read online, download to your own device or print out.


Several CAM members have contributed to the recipe book “Eating to Save the Planet” which embraces what CAM promotes ie purchasing locally and in season as well as reducing the amount of meat you eat.  You can download it by clicking the link.

At the Climate Crisis Event 2023, a number of other recipes were promoted which you may also like to try and can be downloaded:
Creamy pasta with broccoli and sweetcorn
Simple veggie fajitas
Baked Feta with Spinach and Chickeas
Family Fritata

Electric cars

If you are thinking about changing to an electric car, this article by Geoff is a must. It clearly sets out the types of cars available and gives some pros and cons to help you make up your mind. Click here to read the article

Solar Savings

Another article by Geoff – Are Solar Panels Worth It? With the cost of energy rising so rapidly here are some costings and savings information about solar panels. Click here to read the article

The importance of peat free compost

Another timely article from Gordon. Make sure you read this before buying compost at the garden centre! Click here to read the article

Some notes on recent articles

An interesting article by Gordon commenting on several recent articles from various publications and a reminder that local elections are coming up so now is a good time to contact prospective councillors about their views on the environment. Click here to read the article.

Agroforestry and the Kindling Trust

A pioneering way of farming being developed locally by the Kindling Trust and world wide too as a sustainable alternative to large monculture enterprises.  Click to read Agroforestry and the Kindling Trust

Ethical Shopping

Another interesting article by Judith, a MESS member, on how to shop ethically online. There are many alternatives to Amazon and other large companies and you can buy lots of different products including food, cleaning materials, toys, books, cosmetics, toiletries and childcare products. Click here to read the article

You, Me and Climate Change

A very interesting but alarming article by Gordon, a MESS member showing how we must all change our lifestyles to avert a climate catastrophe. Click here to read the article

Rethinking your wardrobe

Two of our members have written an interesting article on how to redesign your wardrobe without harming the environment.

There are lots of tips and advice for us all to learn from.

Click here to read the article

Click here for the pdf version

The Arctic, a lesson for us all

Decline in Arctic sea ice


A sobering article about the effects of the Arctic warming.  Click here to read the article written by a MESS member.



Farming – past, present and future

An article from one of our members who grew up during the war on a North Yorkshire farm and still has relatives farming there today. Read here : Farming

Climate Crisis in Marple

This article is about our event held in September 2019 at Marple College.

There was a variety of speakers including Chris Jones from the Tyndall Institute.


Chris Jones – Keynote Speaker

Local groups were also represented and a number of stalls with information about food, recycling, transport and energy saving tips.

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