An opportunity to face the challenges that climate change will bring, and plan together as a community

Incredible Edible

CLIMATE ACTION MARPLE is a local community project which aims to promote carbon reduction, raise awareness of climate change issues and find local solutions to some of the resulting problems.


Painting and weeding planters in Marple April 2022

Memorial to Maureen Matthews in the Community Orchard August 2021

Marple Community Orchard planting day 25th March 2017

The mayor planting the first tree
Volunteers digging holes for the trees

Incredible Edible Marple

Incredible Edible Marple has been formed as a sub group of MESS to grow food in Marple. We started small, with just four beds, and want to grow herbs such as parsley, thyme, oregano and rosemary. There are also some strawberries in the planter near Marple Swimming Pool (see photo below) We have also planted some flowers to attract vital pollinating insects to the beds.
The original planters

We weed the planters once a month on Sundays when Marple is quiet