I have found it difficult to write my climate news blog this week as I wanted to reflect the above title and the season of joy! This Is difficult as you probably realise, with regard to the climate news as most of this type of news is usually not good. I assure you I always try to include as much good climate news as I can find. As they say no news is good news so you will be getting that as I am having a break from my blog. I would like to thank everyone that has given me feedback on my blog both by email and personally. This is my 62nd weekly climate blog and they have helped me keep up to date with the climate news and I hope they have helped you do the same. I would also like to thank all those that came to the Seed Cafe on Thursday mornings through the year. I greatly enjoyed our discussions. The big news at the end of the year was of course COP28 and there have been more media summaries listed at the end of my blog if you have managed to avoid them so far and want to catch up by watching or listening to them.

The only Christmas climate news I have been able to find this week is How to eat, drink and … have a very sustainable Christmas and Glitter is ready-made microplastic pollution – time to ditch it this Christmas.

Good News

Not so Good News

Bad News

Other Media News

Watch The INSANE numbers of a global climate conference! For a great 17 minute summary of COP28 and a Christmas Fairy Tale from Dubai and the 6 minute The Wildlife Trusts COP28 update. BBC Sounds ‘The Climate Question’ also has a 27 minute summary of COP28 entitled ‘Was This year’s climate summit a game-changer?’